Pedestrian-related accidents along Highway 273

Mar 27, 2014 8:23 PM

It seems like one happens every month -- a pedestrian hit by a car along busy Highway 273 in Redding.

Another accident happened last night, and killed a man.

Highway 273 is a popular route for many drivers -- and now -- a death trap.

Wednesday night, 66 year-old Jon Kaiser was walking in the middle of the highway when he was hit and killed by a semi-truck, and was found unconscious on South Market street, just south of Wyndam Lane.

This isn't the first time a pedestrian has been killed, or injured, along Highway 273.

Last month, another pedestrian was hit off Thomas Road.

Before that, another was hit and injured by Win River Casino.

In November -- yet another pedestrian death along the highway, north of Anderson.

So it begs the question: is anyone trying to stop pedestrian-related accidents?

"..we have been discussing it, and we are in the process of meeting with the City of Redding and the county to talk about what we can do."

Because Highway 273 is so open, a lot of pedestrians think they have the right of way, and often end up crossing through an undesignated path.

"We do encourage pedestrian travel and bicycle travel, so we are including all of that in anything we look at with these situations."

According to an investigation by Redding Police, the pedestrian in yesterday night's incident appeared to have been drinking.

Redding CHP Officer Mark Redding says pedestrians who are under the influence are more likely to wander off into traffic.

He also says it doesn't help that they're wearing dark clothing.

But that doesn't change the fact that Highway 273 is out in the wide open.

"There will be future meetings, and we have been talking with the city and the county about the pedestrian activity on that route."

The CHP urges anyone walking out in public at night to wear light-colored clothing to make themselves more visible to traffic.


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