Part of Downtown Red Bluff evacuated, shut down after bomb scare

Apr 28, 2014 10:00 PM

Two suspicious packages found by the Tehama County Courthouse in Red Bluff this morning called for the s=Shasta County Bomb Squad to set up a large perimeter around the area.

Everything is cool and calm down in Red Bluff, after Shasta County's Bomb Squad finished clearing the scene around 12:30 this afternoon -- the surrounding city streets have been reopened -- all after a 6-hour long bomb scare.

The bomb squad determined the suspicious objects found in front of the courthouse this morning were fake.
Around 6:30 this morning, a Tehama County Sheriff's deputy was making his security rounds, when he spotted a suspicious object in front of the courthouse.
That was roughly the same time a "Good Samaritan" walked into the Red Bluff Police Department with a second object they thought was out of the ordinary.
The two objects looked like PVC pipe bombs -- which look similar to the plastic tubing you'd find at a hardware store.

“They proceeded over to the Red Bluff device at the Red Bluff Police Department….a water canon was used to render that device safe and then they came over to courthouse department 3 and rendered that device safe with the same water canon.”

Police had to shut down 10 blocks, including the county courthouse and nearby businesses, while they tested the two objects for any threat.
Employees were allowed to enter the courthouse around 12:30, after police made that final confirmation that the two objects were not dangerous.

This morning's incident was a big headache for commuters and people working around the area -- no one was able to get in or out of that 10-block perimeter.
All court cases are postponed until the Chief Justice decides to move forward.
Lt. Borden tells me the big issue here was the “Good Samaritan” who picked one of the objects up to turn into the police department --
She says anyone who finds anything suspicious should stay away and call police immediately.


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