Paraidse Irrigation District seeks funds for new water treatment plant

Apr 8, 2014 6:56 PM

The Paradise Irrigation District is trying to get up to code.

Right now, they're not in compliance with state water quality regulations.

To get up to code, PID is planning a project to reuse their processed wash water for drinking by retreating it at their plant. .

The goal of this proposed project is to ultimately increase the total water supply and eliminate a stringent permit. But to do that, there are a lot of steps.

“We need to construct facilities to treat our processed wash water,” said Jim Passanisi, Paradise Irrigation District water treatment plant superintendent. “Send it back to the head of the plant, retreat it with the treatment plant process and then send it off to the public for portable use.”

And while this is good news to minimize drought conditions, it does come with a cost. Construction will be about $10 million. To get that money, PID will need a state loan or bonds. And to repay that, their customers will see an increase in their water rates.

But officials say it will be well worth the extra cost.


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