Paradise water has unusual odor and taste

Mar 6, 2014 6:30 PM

Tap water up on the ridge just isn't the same as it used to be.

The Paradise Irrigation District sent out a warning that its water may have a bit of an unusual odor and taste.

This change is linked to this year's record-setting drought. PID usually draws water from Paradise Lake but that's 30 percent below average. So now they're pulling from the Magalia Reservoir--which has led to some big differences.

“Magalia Reservoir is a smaller reservoir than Paradise Lake where are main storage is,” said George Barber of the Paradise Irrigation District. “So you get a bit of algae growth in there and that causes the taste and odor.

“It’s musty,” he added. “It’s a little musty is the best way I can describe it.”

Now the PID is trying to save every drip and drop of water they can. And many of their customers say this new move should help because they just can’t stand the taste of this new water

“It just doesn’t taste like water should taste,” said Danielle Hall, a Paradise resident.

At Coffee's On in Paradise they use a lot of water on their drinks. But they have a filtration system for cold ones and steam water for hot ones. So they say this change in water hasn't affected business; but it has impacted worker's personals lives.

“I did notice it probably a week or two ago,” Hall said of the water's taste and smell. “It’s just not as fresh.”

Hall said the tap water at her house is so bad she's switched to bottled water—which is an expense so just can’t afford.

“Between my roommates and I we'll just buy cases of water at a time,” she said. “When were done with that we'll buy new ones.”

PID said this water is safe to drink and that they will go back to pulling water from Paradise Lake sometime in early May.


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