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Apr 26, 2010 7:37 PM

Walmart shoppers could soon have one more place to fill up their carts. Paradise town officials have now deemed the retailer's application complete after a process that lasted more than two years. Walmart hopes to build a superstore on a fifty-seven acre site on the west entrance of the Skyway, but the retail giant still has plenty of hurdles to jump before that becomes a reality. For example, the Environmental Impact Report, which could take a year before it is completed and released. "The Environmental Impact Report is a very detailed document, it's going to be several hundred pages in length and it's prepared by a team of consultants that are hired by the town at the expense of the developer, Walmart, Craig Baker, Assistant Community Development Director for the town of Paradise stated.

The project also includes an area on the site for a scenic overlook, along with restaurants and a motel. So far, residents have not expressed strong oppostion to the idea, like when the Walmart in Chico tried to expand into a supercenter. "I think it would actually increase jobs because there really aren't a lot of opportunities and for consumers it's a lot better than what we have here so I think it's a good idea," Paradise resident Ciara Montoya explained.

"A Walmart in Paradise seems a tad bit over-kill, we already have one in Chico, so it doesn't seem to be too much of a point there," resident Jamison Barsotti stated. But town officials think the point would be to help out the local economy. "We feel that it's a good opportunity to capture some of the sales tax leakage that Paradise loses to the city of Chico. We'd like to see Paradise citizens drive a lot shorter distance to get their groceries," Baker said.

After the final Environmental Impact Report, Paradise town officials will consider certifying the document and decide whether to approve the project.

In November, the Chico city council rejected a proposal to expand the Walmart store in Chico.


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