Paradise Unifed School District Cuts

Feb 2, 2010 7:41 PM

Paradise Unified School District Board Member Tom Conry is bracing for some tough decisions. "There is literally nothing left to cut that will not drastically impact the education of the students we are attempting to serve," Conry stated.

Board Members must find a way to cut almost two million dollars from the budget for next year. They say the short-fall comes from the state not adequately funding public schools. In order to balance the budget, they must make cuts that will affect the quality of education. "Not only the raising of class size, crowding of the students into remaining schools and the loss of a school to the community that school serves; it would be devastating," Conry said.

Parents are already showing opposition to the latter.

"I would have to take him to Paradise everyday, then come back from work, pick him up again, then take him all the way back to Magalia," Donald Bailey explained.

Exactly what is on the chopping block is unclear. There are signs posted asking people to protest the closure of Cedarwood Elementary School, still school officials say that is not on the agenda.

"This is one of many proposals and the idea of closing a school is not a pleasant one," Conry explained. "The school board would look at that very carefully and it would cleary be one of the last things we would do."

But parents are expressing worry over any type of cuts.

"The way things are now, students get one on one with the teachers and that is helpful," Parent Logan Awalt said.

The board meeting is Tuesday night at the Paradise Intermediate School.


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