Paradise Special Needs

May 17, 2010 1:50 PM

Parents of children with special needs are faced with many challenges. That's why Stacy Pew, the mother of a child with special needs decided to try and make a difference. "We just thought it would be nice to help other families, because when you get the diagnoses, you don't get the help you need" explained Stacey.
Stacy and her husband hold the "special needs community event" at the "Church of Christ". They started the event three years ago in order to help raise money for the Paradise School District's special needs program, which assists more than five hundred children with special needs. " I think one of the goals today was to help get donations to help with some of those classroom materials help support kids" stated Paradise School Psychologist Angel Clifford.
Special scissors, pencils, desks and learning devices are often needed in order to assist children with special needs. Often times that responsibility falls on special needs teachers. " Special Ed Teachers can only do so much, you need help from the community, you need help from these groups" explained Paradise special needs teacher Brett Pew.
Groups like Handi-Riders, Chico State Autism Clinic and Rowell Family Emporment are just a few of the organizations that showed up to offer their services to families they can help.
Parents say that having the groups available to them is a blessing, and meeting parents like them offers a strong support system. " I've met other parents here that have special needs children, and if this wouldn't have been going on, I wouldn't have been able to get in touch with other parents like me" said Amanda Gaylord, the mother of a child with special needs.
While groups and services are offered, parents of children with special needs say you still have stay vigilant. " Do a lot of research, don't give up, don't get caught up in the diagnoses, do what you can for your child" explained Stacey Pew.


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