Paradise school honors student killed in car accident with memorial bench

Feb 4, 2016 2:50 PM by News Staff

A memorial bench is unveiled to remember a teenager killed while crossing the skyway almost three years ago.

Family members of Skyler Millner and faculty at paradise intermediate school -- witnessing the installation of a plaque on a bench named in honor of Skyler.

A student at the school, Skyler was 13 years old. When nearly 3 years ago he was hit by a car while using a skyway crosswalk near town hall.

Paradise principal Reiner Light said his memory will carry on at the school for a long time.

“By honoring Skyler, it helps us remember the qualities that every student has,” he said.

For Skyler's father Brett Boman, it was emotional to see how the school is remembering his son.

“I am humbled that Skyler left a mark on people and people still think and care about him enough to honor him,” he said. “There is something that’s going to be here forever.”

Following the deadly accident -- the town of paradise not only upgraded the skyway crosswalk where Skyler was hit, but also a number of other crosswalks in town were improved a part of Skyler's legacy, that makes his dad proud.

“The whole infrastructure of the town basically, they went through and made them all better and safer,”

Boman knows improved cross walks aren't enough to keep pedestrians completely safe on a busy road like the Skyway.

Since he lost his son in what he calls a freak accident, he wants drivers to know, it's their responsibility to be alert when behind the wheel.

“If you see cars stopped at a crosswalk please think ‘there could be a kid jumping out there’ and its going to change your life and sombody else's family,” he said.

No charges were filed against driver that hit Skyler, the incident was ruled an accident.


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