Paradise Prepares for the Snow

Dec 6, 2013 6:32 PM

It’s starting to get pretty cold up on the ridge. And the Town of Paradise is preparing for snow.

“We got a little over 200 tons of de-icers,” said Paradise Public Works manager Paul Derr. “We’re pretty much ready for whatever happens with this one.”

To help handle any snow-related trouble, the town’s entire public works department is on call for the next several days.

“We have four pickups out right now and they all have snowplows, a number of tools, barricades, cones and chainsaws,” Derr said.

Public Works says all this equipment is essential because most drivers are not prepared for harsh winter road conditions.

“Most of the challenges we have is people are usually going too fast and they'll lose traction and they'll go off the road,” he said. “Once that happens we end up having to avoid the area because traffic stacks up right away.”

But this bad weather is not bad news for everyone. Some local business see a rise in sales when temperatures drop.

“It’s been really super busy here today,” said Quincy Thomas Agnew, a Coffee’s On barista. “We had a lot of people coming in and saying, ‘It’s going to snow today’ and buying hot coffee and trying to find a way to stay warm inside. “


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