Paradise Prepares for Snow...

Jan 17, 2012 9:16 PM

" This year we've gone about 30 days without a significant rainfall", said Paradise Assistant Public Work Director Paul Derr. But that's all about to change. With a storm headed for the north state, rain could be seen as soon as Wednesday. And for the town of Paradise, that could mean snow, and they've been preparing for it for months. " We start gearing up for for hostile weather if you want to call it that in November", said Derr.
Paradise Assistant Public Works Director Paul Derr says the town has usually seen two to three good size storms by this time of the year. He also says the town's eight trucks with plows have seen plenty of action by this point. " We try and keep the roads open, but we can't guarantee solid pavement in most situations", said Derr.
Public works is also hustling to clear gutters and and unclog drains before the rains and possible snow flutters arrive. " We're looking at a possibility of some snow tomorrow evening and into Thursday morning, we don't expect any cumulation but we are geared up for it", explained Derr.
And while Paradise is preparing for a change in the weather, the California Highway Patrol warns that drivers should be preparing to change their driving habits. " With big storms coming in you've got to change your routine a little bit. You need to leave a little earlier, you need to drive slower than you normally drive, you need to provide a gibber space cushion between you and the car in front of you", explained Chico CHP Public Information Officer Justin Maxey.
Drivers are also advised to avoid going out into the major storms, but if you do have to drive, you should be prepared. " If you're heading into the mountains, make sure you have blankets, plenty of fuel, flashlights, food, water, all of these things you will need in case you do get stuck somewhere", explained Maxey.


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