Paradise Pot Ordinance

Sep 7, 2011 1:13 AM

Paradise officials implemented an emergency ban of collectives, cooperatives and dispensaries last January, and now town council members have voted to keep them out of the town for good.
The decision was passed unanimously by council members Tuesday night. Council members voted in a new city ordinance which will prohibit collectives, coopertatives and dispensaries from the town of Paradise as well as add a few new regulations to the mix.
Medical marijuana patients will also be limited to personal marijuana grow gardens no larger than 50 square feet for both indoor and outdoor grows, and will not be allowed to have outdoor grows within 600 feet of schools.
The town council feels the new ordinance seeks to both balance the rights of patients as well as deal with public safety and neighbors concerns about medical marijuana grows.
Council members will read the changes imposed in the ordinance at next months meeting,and it will go into affect 30 days after that.


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