Paradise Police: Low staff, lots of work

Dec 18, 2013 6:54 PM

“We have every major crime that a big city has,” said Paradise Police officer Robert Wright.

Maybe the same crime but definitely not the same resources--which could have helped as Paradise Police had a busy start to the week.

“Monday was a very busy day,” Wright said. “It was difficult just to keep up.”

On Monday, officers responded to 30 calls and made 14 arrests for crimes ranging from shoplifting at K-Mart, drug possession at the Dollar General Store and a big brawl near the Jack In The Box.

And police did all this work with just three officers--which is their entire force for the day. And this small staffing can lead to big problems.

“Just as you’re thinking you’re going to be able to concentrate and get started on a case or paperwork you got another call and another person to contact and possibly arrest,” Wright said.

And the action did not slow down later in the week. On Wednesday, police arrested two men for outstanding warrants. They were first found walking the streets with a pellet gun. During the search officers found marijuana, a drug baggie and computer equipment.

And once again, every officer responded to the call--which police say is necessary but is also something they would like to change.

“We need to definitely have more officers,” Wright said. “It’s frustrating for the police department as well as the citizens when we have to tell them were not available at this time based on the calls for service.”


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