Paradise Parcel Tax Proposal

Mar 9, 2010 8:13 PM

Leaders in Paradise are proposing a new parcel tax. The money would allow for four more police officers and vehicles and six firefighters. Paradise Town Manager Chuck Rough says the extra safety officials are needed especially because Paradise is in a high fire threat area. "There are a number of measures that we can take that will reduce the threat of fire and preserve and protect the people and human life that we have on the ridge."

The Police Department would use the money to start an Anti-Gang/ Anti-Narcotics Task Force and a Traffic Enforcement Program. Officials say there are over 130 known gang members in Paradise, which has grown from about 75 from last year. "We have to say enough is enough and lets do something about it now, not wait another 30 years," Rough explained.

City officials are hoping to raise close to two-million dollars from the new parcel tax, but are homeowners ready to pay up? "I wouldn't mind paying the firefighters more because of the fires in this town," propery owner Tracey Rubenstein said.

"I oppose any new taxes, the economy has ravaged my household and I simply can't afford any new taxes at this time," Greg Maxwell stated.

However, Rough argues, this is the time something must be done. "If you break it down it will be about nine dollars and sixty-four cents a month to make this community dramatically safer and for very little, we're able to get a big return."

If the proposal moves forward, a public hearing will be held April 13th.


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