Paradise murder suspect to be held for trial

Oct 21, 2014 6:06 PM by News Staff

A Butte County judge said Tuesday that a Paradise man accused of killing his landlord and then burying his body in a shallow grave will be held for trial.

40-year-old Charles Blalock is accused of killed 54-year-old Brian Clouser, who was reported missing in June 20. His body was found in Concow on July 23.

A longtime friend of Blalock's, Jason Hobgood took the stand Tuesday morning-saying Blalock specifically told him that he and four others "Whacked Clouser."

Hobgood proceeded to tell the court that Blalock allegedly told him that he and his girlfriend were paranoid Clouser was spying on them, and possibly spying on their baby. Hobgood told the court Blalock was afraid Clouser may be a child molester.

According to the testimony, Blalock said he and five others lured Clouser into his kitchen by asking if he wanted to smoke meth. Blalock then allegedly confronted Clouser about spying. Blalock then reportedly beat Clouser and then dumped and burned his body in a remote area of Butte County.

During cross examination Hobgood admitted he spent time in jail for multiple convictions and is addicted to meth.

Following today's hearing a Butte County judge determined that there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial and Blalock will be arraigned on October 30 at 8:30 a.m.

In addition to Blalock's charges, four other individuals face criminal charges in connection with Clouser's death. Timothy Allen Gilbert, 36, Jennifer Lance, 40, Nicole Hauser, 28, and Victor Marino, 22, have all been charged for being accessories to murder.

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