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Apr 18, 2010 8:46 PM

Imagine a life with no cell phones, Facebook, or even running water! Twenty-four teenagers across the country were willing to do just that for three weeks in 2008; among them, a student from Paradise High School, Brian Larson. All are in a national film called 'In Pursuit of a Dream.' "You didn't really realize you were in a movie, even though there were cameras everywhere and people following you around with sound equipment," Larson explained.

The Oregon-California Trails Association, along with Boston Productions made the film to inspire young people to appreciate the trails. More than four-hundred thousand people crossed the western terrority in search of a new life in the 1800's. Some of the historic sites can still be found but some have been lost as a result of modern civilization. For Larson, being in the movie has changed his perspective on history. "I didn't care for the trail at all, I didn't realize it was there and I didn't care what happened to it and then being out there and discovering history inspired me to care for it more and be a part of it."

Three Paradise teachers were also in the film, but it was certainly not their first time exploring how pioneers lived. Every year in Paradise, eighth graders get to take a similar field trip. "We put them in this environment, they slow down and they begin to come to the pulse of the earth and look around and begin to realize what's important in their lives, it is a relevant trail today," David Vixie from the Oregon-California Trails Association stated.

And that's why they say the movie is worth seeing! "It's something we all long for, is to be connected and feel important and this movie shows that," Ponderosa Elementary School Teacher Karen Vixie said.

The movie will premiere April 25th at 7:30 at Paradise Cinema-7. Some of the money raised from the Sunday showing will go to the local education of the trails.


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