Paradise Irrigation District customers may see rate increase

Oct 22, 2015 9:29 PM

In response to California's drought, water conservation is at an all time high in the North State.
Paradise residents did such a great job at conserving water, they may start seeing rate increases.

The Paradise Irrigation District reports that throughout the summer customers maintained at least a 30% decrease in water use.

Last nights board of directors meeting considered a $10 surcharge that was voted down 4-1. However, rate increases are still a possibility.

Paradise Irrigation District General Manager George Barber says the District has a $6,000,000 annual budget, saying 97% of its costs are fixed.

Now that they're considering rate increases, some customers say they're being punished for doing what they were asked.

Paradise Irrigation District officials commend their customers for doing such a great job at cutting back.
They say the rate increase is a global need for the district, not a result of the water cut backs.

Now compiling a rate change cost of service study, they'll present to the board for a new rate structure. Because they're on the tiered system, the increase will be based on usage.

PID hopes for a 20% increase in revenue total. Once they develop a new rate structure it will be voted on. The earliest customers could see an increase is February 2016.


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