Paradise Ice Rink Set to Open

Nov 11, 2013 7:47 PM

Paradise started laying the foundation for a successful winter Monday.

The Paradise Recreation and Park District began construction on its new ice rink.

Located on the basketball court at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center, this project costs about $160,000. Half the cost is a one-time expense for permanent power transformers. The park district has already received more than $50,000 from sponsors and donations. They plan on making up the remainder in admission, concessions and advertising.

The district hired about two dozen people to help run the rink. They plan on having thousands of people come up the ridge to use it.

One business hoping to cash in on the crowds is the Green Paradise Café.

“It’s going to bring us more people, more business and more people to see what kind of good food we have up in Paradise,” said Jennifer Trzaskalski, owner of the Green Paradise Café.

The Paradise ice rink opens Saturday and will stay open until mid January.

Admission is $10.


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