Paradise Ice Rink Opens

Nov 16, 2013 7:45 PM

After years of planning and weeks of construction, the Paradise Ice Rink finally opened Saturday.

Hundreds of people made the trip up the ridge to partake in this winter activity.

Located at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center, this project cost about $160,000. Half the cost was on permanent power generators while the remainder will be made up in sponsors, advertising and admissions.

Recreation officials say the ice rink is a solid investment that will have a major economic impact on the area.

“Hopefully not only are they going to come up here and skate but they’re going to come here and have dinner at one of our restaurants, stop in at one of our local shops, filling up their gas tanks,” said Pamela Teeter, Paradise on Ice manager. “Hopefully our local businesses are going to feel the impact of some outsiders coming in.”

The Paradise Ice Rink will be open every day through mid-January. Admission is $10.


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