Paradise Horror Film Released

Sep 14, 2010 8:45 PM

Blood guts and flesh eating virus infected people. That's what viewers can expect to see in the newly released horror movie "Bloodwood Cannibals". But this action packed blood bath isn't your average flick. It was shot here in the north state, with the majority of the scenes being filmed in Butte County. "We have beautiful sights around here and it was really great working in the Butte County area" said director Joshua Siegel.
Siegel. Lives in Paradise, he said it was important to have his first feature film shot near his hometown, in settings he grew up in. All cast members in the movie are local as well, with most being Butte College and Chico State students, along with local actors from the Blue Room Theater and the Chico Theater Company. Even one of Action News's former reporters Cindy Nixon has a cameo. "It's great to have it not only done, but to get it out there to the wide audience that I was hoping to get the whole time" explained Siegel.
The low budget movie cost less than 10,000 dollars to make and took two years to finish. Local viewers will recognize the majority of the scenes, including shots of the De Sabla area past Magalia, and Bald Rock outside of Oroville. Chico settings include Nash's Restaurant and the Matador Motel. "It think it's really exciting to have a horror movie set in our own backyard" said Siegel. And the thriller will be every scary movie fan's dream "Has lots of blood, lots of gore, a little bit of nudity, everythng that' required for a horror film now days" Siegel added. Lead actress Kate Corey also said "A lot of dirt, a lot of fake blood, a lot of running around and screaming".
Many cast members say being a part of the film was an honor "It's one of the most fun things I've done in a very longtime" said lead villain Braidon Thorn. "Bloodwood Cannibals" is now available to own. You can buy the DVD at various locations including Best Buy, and The DVD will also be available on Netflix by the end of the year.


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