Paradise Festival of Trees

Nov 27, 2010 8:14 PM

From Santa, to Christmas trees, and local arts and crafts vendors, the fourth annual "Festival of Trees" kicked off the weekend with some holiday spirit. Thea Max, the event chairman says, "We have such a variety of vendors and even though it's pouring rain and snowing just above us, we have a great crowd in here."

The festival at Veterans Hall on the corner of Skyway and Elliott in Paradise, opened its doors at 9a.m. This weekend long event is hosted by a local organization to raise funds for children in need during the holidays. Thea says, "The whole thing is put on by "Quota International" of Paradise. It's a woman's club here in town and everything goes back to our community."

The Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club, the Family Resource Center, and Youth for Change all benefit from this annual event. "So that kids can have presents like the other kids on the block. Particularly in the years like this when the economy's really down," Thea tells us.

Events included Christmas tree bidding, a raffle for two 500 dollar Kohls gift cards, and a silent auction for decorated trees and wreaths. Roughly 25 vendors participated in the festival. All very excited to be apart of this charitable event. Local children's author, T.E. Watson says, "We like coming to participate in community events like this. This being the first time that we were asked, we thought we can't miss this."

Between the trees, crafts, and generous holiday spirit, everyone had a great time. Including seven year old Katrina Raley, who came to see the big guy himself. Katrina says, " I came to see Santa."


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