Paradise Couple Wins Car and Donates to Local Non-profit

Nov 3, 2011 7:31 PM

"That's the luckiest thing that's happened to us," Diane Lehman says. Her husband Chuck adds, "Other than finding each other."

Meet Chuck and Diane Lehman of Paradise. A retired couple from Burbank, married 48 years, and some of the luckiest people in the north state. In the past five years, the Lehman's have won not one, not two, but three brand new cars from Feather Falls Casino. Diane says, "The more you play the more you win. That's all I can say."

They won their first car, a Chevy Aveo in 2007, which they gave to a friend. Then in April, this year, they won again.. This time a Chevy Cruise. And just three months later in July, a Dodge Charger.

Neighbor Lynda Patton says she was just amazed by the couples winning streak. "They live right next door to me. And they had mentioned that they had won their third car at a local casino.. And of course I was flabbergasted."

But little did she know they were looking to donate one of those cars to a worthy cause.. And when Patton mentioned that the only company car at Paradise Hospice where she worked, was 18 years old, the Lehman's knew what they had to do..

Chuck says, "We wanted to give it to someone that would benefit a lot of people instead of just one particular family." And by donating it to Paradise Hospice, the car would not only benefit the 15 staff members who travel, but also the 55 patients they see at a time. "Our nurses and home health aids and social workers really appreciate having a company car to use because our service is so wide spread in Butte County," says Patton.

And they certainly all appreciate the contribution. Patton says, "Having a brand new, beautiful new car to drive around and service our patients is just.. We're very grateful.. It's very much a blessing!"


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