Paradise Boy Records Funny Quake Reaction

May 24, 2013 8:51 PM

A funny video clip from a Paradise 10 year old has us laughing in the Action News newsroom.
Noah Siler, a fifth grader, happened to be recording a funny video on his computer when the earthquake hit Thursday evening.
His reaction was priceless!
Noah exclaimed "Whoa! ... I'm having an earthquake ... Holy crud!"
His web cam kept rolling as he ran out of the room to find his family, and it shows the closet doors in his room shaking for at least another 15 seconds.
Noah's mom tells us the family ran outside and then checked for damages.
Later, Noah returned to sign off, saying , "Hey guys gotta end this video ... We just had an earthquake, big one! Sorry to end this but I have to go right now!"
It was quite an exciting experience for young Noah and the rest of us who felt the shaking.###


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