Pamma-Larkin Farm in Gridley Will be Conserved Forever

Sep 12, 2013 6:42 PM

A farm in Gridley is being saved from potential development forever. State and local organizations partnered to create an agricultural conservation easement on the 96 acre Pamma-Larkin farm by working with the farm owner.
The California Department of Conservation and the Northern California Regional Land Trust worked with the Pamma family to save their property that they've been farming for over 30 years. Executive Director John Hunt says the Pamma-Larkin farm was marked as a prime location for development. The farm was under development pressure since it is located near state routes 70 and 99 and other surrounding cities.
After 5 years, the Pamma-Larkin farm was finally placed into a conservation easement in July of this year, as a result of Northern California Regional Land Trust efforts. The N.C.R.L.T. currently holds 27 conservation easements in Butte and Tehama counties covering over 15,500 acres.


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