Palermo mobile home destroyed in fire

Apr 18, 2014 6:25 PM

“Then you had the louder pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

That's how Ray Ades remembers the sound of the fire that erupted next to his Palermo house Thursday night.

“Like a string of firecrackers going off,” he added. “Later on like a stick of dynamite.”

Those intense sounds were propane tanks exploding and live ammunition going off because of the heat. Heat so hot that Ades could feel it; despite being hundreds of yards away.

“You could feel it on your skin and the radiated heat from the light,” he said.

The fire happened on Cox Lane around 10:30 p.m. A single-wide mobile home on the property was burned to the ground. A neighbor reportedly helped a person out of the house before fire crews arrived. By the time fire crews did respond, the blaze spread to nearby powerlines and left some neighbors without electricity.

Fire crews, however, were able to save multiple vehicles, equipment and animals.

Officials say the fire caused $75,000 in damages. The cause of it is still under investigation.


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