Pageant Theater Starts Fundraiser to Prevent Closure

Nov 8, 2013 6:50 PM

Chico's legendary Pageant Theater is in desperate need of help.

In order to keep up with industry standards, Pageant needs a new digital projector.

The cost is $50,000.

So they've started a fundraising campaign, called “Go Digital or Go Dark.”

Pageant will "go dark" if they can't raise that money by the end of December.

Pageant’s owner said it's been estimated over 10,000 screens (mostly independent) will go dark.

In its first day, donors gave pageant 8-thousand dollars.

“We’ve always got a lot of support from the crowd for the pageant,” said Owner Tim Giusta. “The outpouring of people going hey we want to help. So we’re pleased with that, but we got a long ways to go.”

To donate, see Pageant’s official fundraising page.


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