Paddle boarder captures up-close encounter with orcas

Jan 21, 2015 1:15 PM by News Staff

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) - A Southern California paddle boarder has captured his up-close encounter with an orca pod and posted the resulting video on social media.

The video, showing the whales swimming around and even underneath Rich German's (guhr-MANS') paddle board had been viewed on YouTube more than 280,000 times by Wednesday.

German says he has been out on the ocean hundreds of times and seen plenty of marine life, but he always dreamed of seeing orcas.

On Jan. 7 that dream was fulfilled. He had heard of a pod off Laguna Beach and paddled out to a spot where a cluster of boats was circling around.

He said the orcas came right for him and he described them as friendly and interacting.

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