P.P.A.C. In Hot Water...

Nov 8, 2010 7:38 PM

" It's just something so lovely, to just potentially lose it is just devastating to me and I think devastating to a lot of people" said Annaliese Baker, Managing Director for the Paradise Performing Arts Center. Once home to the areas top performers, it will soon be lights out at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. Board members made the difficult decision mid October to keep it "dark" for the year 2011. " Things just reached a pinnacle where a tough decision had to be made, and it was a tough decision" explained the center's board of directors president Harvey Parrott.
The community built center is up against a diminishing budget, a battle it has essentially been fighting since it was first opened for use in 1996. " There have been some financial issues that have gotten financially larger as time has passed" Baker said.
The center costs around 7,000 dollars a month just to sit vacant, and when fully staffed and in use, it averages around 30,000 a month. An amount that is nearly impossible to raise with community donations alone. " A theater of this nature cannot survive on ticket sales and personal donations" Parrott explained.
The P.P.A.C. will hold its final show December 31st. After that its doors will remain locked until a solution is found to help financially support it. Board members hate to see the theater go dark, but they say at this time they are left with no other option. " I think as time passes, more and more people will start to realize what they're missing as a result of the theater not being open. Parrott stated.
The P.P.A.C. is hoping to find a partner to help share the financial burden of operating the venue, which would allow them to reopen in the future.


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