Overflow Shelter Forced at Rescue Mission

Jan 28, 2013 8:17 PM

Continued cool temperatures are having a dramatic impact on local homeless shelters. At the Good News Rescue Mission in Redding, record numbers of people have been seeking relief from the cold every night.

Almost 200 people sought the shelter of the Good News Rescue Mission Sunday night.

“I have noticed a lot more people around here lately, you know definitely with the weather it has made a change with that,” said Ron Anderson, a homeless man. He says it's the one place he can get a warm meal and place to sleep.

“Just to think that where would I go without Jesus or this place here, I would be lost,” said Anderson.

“In the whole 46 year history at The Mission, we have never turned anyone away for lack of space, we have always been able to find some nook or cranny someplace,” said Cesar Partida, Executive Director of The Good News Rescue Mission.

But with the shelter at 140 percent capacity, accommodating everyone is becoming more difficult.

For the first time ever Monday night, The Mission will lay down mats, turning the dining room into a excess shelter space.

“We are looking at what we can to do expand the facilities so that we can accommodate the women in a better solution,” said Partida.

The need appears to be growing, a month ago 50 people was max capacity at the women’s shelter. Sunday night, 70 people slept there.

“This is the homeless population in Shasta County. We are the shelter that Shasta County has for these women,” said Michelle Kamla, Director of the House of Hope.

Until a better solution comes along, mission officials just hope they can provide patrons with what they need.

“We are just short on bedding, blankets, pillows, sheets and towels,” said Partida.

Mission officials say factors other than weather are also increasing demand. They cite the economy, lack of jobs and high cost of rent.


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