Over a Thousand Expected to Attend Vets Home Job Fair

Jan 30, 2013 1:51 PM

At least a thousand job seekers are expected to attend a career fair today at the Redding Veterans Home.

Employment opportunities range from janitorial positions to medical staff. Officials say they need to hire about 200 employees to fully staff facility. All positions are full time and offer benefits, which is promising for prospective employees.

“It is very difficult. A lot of places want at least 2 years experience before they want to put you in somewhere. So as long as you are determined and you keep going I don't feel like... I mean I feel like you will get somewhere,” said Leah Barnhart who was looking for a medical position.

“They don't leave today with a job in hand but they can leave today with an application complete which means that process has begun,” said Robin Umberg, the Undersecretary of Veterans Homes for CalVet.

The job fair runs through four this afternoon, but if you can't make it out today, you can still apply online at http://www.calvet.ca.gov


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