Outstanding local civil rights leader Isaac Lowe dies

Dec 30, 2015 5:24 PM by News Staff, Photo Courtesy of Eddie McAllister/Facebook

Isaac Lowe, a prominent north state civil rights leader for 65 years, died today. She was 94.

Family friend Eddie McAllister posted the news on his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Lowe was instrumental in establishing Shasta County's "NAACP" chapter in 1983. She was a driving force behind the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Redding.

During the civil rights era, Lowe worked alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Jackson. Letters that she'd written to the NAACP are preserved in the "Library of Congress." They document her activism and struggles as she fought for civil rights.

Lowe got to be a part of another pivotal moment in U.S. history when, in 2009, Lowe was a guest of newly-elected president Barack Obama where she watched his inauguration just 30 yards from the podium.

McAllister wrote that funeral arrangements have not been made at the moment as the family is looking for a large enough venue for all the guests. The family will announce the memorial information soon.


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