Oroville youth female wrestlers pin down competition

Apr 9, 2014 1:59 AM

A couple young Oroville girls, Shawntel Copple and Amarianna Gabriel, are already pinning down the competition, bringing home several medals and placing very high at national wrestling competitions.

Copple, an 11-year-old who weighs 93-pounds, has won several first prize medals, including a first place finish at the 17th annual United States Girls Wrestling Association National Championships in Napa.

Copple even wrestled girls older than her that weighed 100 pounds.

Amarianna Gabriel, a 9-year-old who weighs 60-pounds, placed 2nd place in the nation in her division.

She's won her fair share of medals at various wrestling events as well, but her performance at this particular event was one that filled her with pride.

"After the event, I was thinking 'oh I can't wait to tell my family, I can't wait to tell my mom, I can't wait to tell eveybody at home, like I can't wait,' " said Gabriel.

Ross Field asks, "Why wrestling, why do you enjoy it?

"Because I don't want to be a girly girl," said Gabriel.

"At first I was scared because I got told I was wrestling 14-year-olds, but then when I did the first match, I wasn't so scared, because it was kind've easy, I was really happy," said Copple.

Both girls plan to keep wrestling and hope to earn scholarships to college.


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