Oroville Woman: "Wendy's worker spit in my burgers"

Mar 10, 2016 11:57 AM by Cecile Juliette

Andrea Brazell leans over, re-enacting an event she says she witnessed on Thursday, February 18. "He was going like this with the food, and spitting on the food. Spit. White like foam, like spit....He looked right up to see if I saw, and his eyes just beamed, like he got busted. And I looked into his eyes, to see what the Hell i just saw." Brazell met with Wendy's representatives on Wednesday, nearly three weeks after the alleged incident. The registered nurse's assistant says she had worked a 12 hour shift, and didn't want to cook. She preferred the fresh-made burgers that Wendy's was famous for. So she asked her husband to go pick up dinner for the entire family at Wendy's on Oro Dam Boulevard. "There was like, 7 or 9 combos that night." Brazell says they requested changes to each order. When the food arrived, she says all the combos were plain, just meat and bread. She says, "Even the Baconator had no bacon." So she packed up the entire order and returned to Wendy's.

As she waited in the dining room, Brazell says the order seemed to be taking some time, so she looked up from the table to the kitchen. That's when she says she saw a male worker spitting in the burgers. She says he looked up and caught her stare, and then leaned over to the female manager as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder and whispered to her. Then the alleged spitter took off running to the back of the restaurant. Brazell says she was enraged, and ran up to the counter and demanded her money back. Says Brazell, "You stop right now. I saw what you did, I want my money back."

Brazell says the female manager approached the cash register, her hands shaking, and would not make eye contact. She returned Brazell's money without saying a word. "She never said I'm sorry. She never said 'Ma'am, we would never do that.' The eye contact, not denying it...guilty!"

Brazell left the burgers at the restaurant, and filed a report with Oroville Police. She also called the Butte County Health Department, and Wendy's corporate office, but did not get a call back.

This week, three weeks after the alleged incident, Brazell called Wendy's corporate office again. She says they were able to locate her case number from her previous call, and finally, a regional president offered to meet her in Oroville.

Wendy's representatives tried to find surveillance video of the food prep line from February 18. They could not locate it, because they said the tape recycles, taping over itself every two weeks. Since it had been three weeks since she was able to get a response from Wendy's, whatever evidence might have existed, is now gone.

Brazell wants the community to be vigilant when ordering out. She says, "I saw what I saw...I just want the community to know, this does happen, and you gotta watch and pay attention when your food is being made for you. Just pay close attention if you don't want it to happen to you."

A Wendy's representative says they are investigating.


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