Oroville woman concerned over ADA issues in the city

Mar 30, 2016 10:15 PM by Darren Leeds

An Oroville couple has been growing concerned about the lack of ADA accessibility around the town and more specifically, the sidewalk outside of their apartment.

Imagine being bound to a wheelchair and having to basically trudge through dirt and rocks multiple times a day, just to go about your daily routine.

Monday through Friday, Robin Cottini has to drive her wheelchair through grass, dirt and even rocks just to get to her bus stop in the morning.

Cottini says, "Five days a week and it makes it very difficult because I tip over."

Cottini has dealt with this issue on Grand Avenue for almost half a decade. She says sometimes she will drive her wheelchair in the bicycle lane of the street but then has to contend with cars.

Cottini says, "I have to call my husband on my cell phone and he has to come down here all the way from our apartment which is on the other block."

The Cottini's say they've tried speaking to the City of Oroville and ask that a sidewalk be built, but they've gotten nowhere and they say this isn't their first issue with ADA compliance around Oroville.

Cottini says, "I went to the Oroville Library one year and it wasn't wheelchair compliant, it wasn't ADA compliant whatsoever."

We tried to reach out to Oroville City Manager's office, but no available to speak with us. The Cottini's say people who also use walkers and wheelchairs use the same path and they don't want it to take someone getting hurt before something gets fixed.


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