Oroville thrift store burglary caught on camera

Aug 31, 2015 8:54 PM by News Staff

A burglar spent nearly two hours inside an Oroville thrift store early Monday morning, and the store’s owner is hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest.

The burglar broke into the Almost Perfect Thrift Store, and apparently had no idea there was camera on him.

The owner of the store tells Action News Now the burglar made off with some merchandise and cash.

Before the suspect broke the glass front door to gain entry at about 1:15 a.m., an outside camera captured some unusual behavior. The man can be seen getting under a vehicle while wearing a hat, but he emerges from under the car about 10 minutes later without the hat, and wearing a wig.

Once inside the store, the burglar heads straight to the register, where he found a key to the store safe.

Owner Rori Summers say the man took about $11,000 cash and approximately $3,000 in merchandise from the store, while an accomplice stood lookout for the break-ins hour and forty-five minute duration.

Summers says he actually spotted the alleged burglar at the Oroville Walmart Monday afternoon. She said the man was trying to activate a cell phone that had been taken from the store, and was able to get away before police arrived.


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