Oroville tenants fed up with property management

Aug 25, 2014 3:26 PM by Pedro Quintana

Residents of an apartment complex in Oroville are fed up with their property managers, who they say are ignoring critical maintenance issues that are making living conditions unsafe.
Tenants at the Country View apartment are outraged at their property management for leaving them without power for more than three day without any notice.
Misty Blackhorse who lives in the apartment complex says she hasn't had heating in her apartment for more than a year.
"I had no heating for over a year in a half, I had to purchase two AC units. It's very frustrating because I have to use floor heater they are very dangerous. I have to unplug them at night and it gets very cold at night," Blackhorse said.

Blackhorse says her energy bill has skyrocketed because of poor weatherization and that is the same story for Steven Crouch who lives with his girlfriend and daughter.

"There is no weatherization throughout our house, so the energy we pump in to it just leaks right out in the cracks," Crouch said.

Crouch says mold is also growing inside his home after their dishwasher flooded the entire kitchen 4 months ago.

"You can see the mold growing outside of the building and crack within the home," he said.

Residents say the dryers have not worked since they moved in and management has not tried to address the problem.

Beth Standley moved in to the apartment complex in 2004 and says the place has been fallen apart ever since.

Tenants say the management hasn't provided anyone with a copy of their lease or rent receipts.

"No, I haven't received my leases and we do not receive rent receipts ever," Blackhorse said.

Under California law, tenants have the right to withhold rent it the landlord fails to take care of maintenance around the property.

Action News Now spoke with the manager over the phone, who told us these complaints are news to her and that most of the repairs should be completed by next week.


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