Oroville teacher receives national recognition

May 21, 2014 1:19 AM

Many will agree that teachers have a pretty tough job. One special education teacher at Sierra School in Oroville is being recognized with a national award for her outstanding work.

School Director Sheila McCarthy says she got an email one day asking for nominations for the prestigious teaching award. She says she knew right away who the perfect person would be. "It's asking for a teacher that thinks outside of the box, takes a risk, and does everything for the betterment of her students. There was one teacher who stood out and it was Sherrie," said McCarthy.

Sherrie Noel is a special education teacher at the Sierra School in Oroville. When she got tired of teaching from the textbook, she decided to head in a different direction. "In December, I really got tired of teaching out of the consumer math books and I literally picked up the book and threw it in the garbage and said 'we're going to start our own coffee shop.' So since December we've been running Espresso Yourself Coffee and Pastries," said Noel.

Running the shop has help the students with their math skills and given them real world experience. She also has the students do theater where they write the play, build the set, and then act in it. "The kids write the script for the one we do in the spring. It’s a murder mystery. Then we do a Christmas Carol in the Christmas time and its original script."

These non-traditional teaching methods help keep the students engaged and enjoy coming to school. However, the students are not the only ones who are motivated in the process. "Watching them up there and doing such a great job. They’re confident in themselves and being able to present themselves in a positive way and interacting with the crowd was a lot more rewarding than this reward that I got."


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