Oroville School Board Members Discuss Involuntary Transfers

Sep 23, 2010 12:23 AM

"Our children are not ping pong balls to be bounced between neighborhood schools" said one parent at the Oroville Elementary board meeting. Several parents attended Wednesday evenings meeting to ensure their voices were heard. Many parents feel that a policy which allows the school district to involuntarily relocate students due to overcrowding is unfair. "All children living within the attendance boundaries of their school should have the highest priority to attend their home school" said parent Joe Hothan. Unfortunately as the policy sits, that's is not the case.
"The policy states that if you are a student enrolled in a school in our district by April 1st, you have priority to continue at that school" said superintendent Penny Chennell-Carter. Because of the policies wording, the school district had the right to make transfers. Due to over enrollment at Ophir Elementary, several students were then transferred to Stanford Avenue School. The problem at hand is not which school is better, while Ophir Elementary is the only California Distinguished Ranked School in Oroville, Stanford Avenue is also highly ranked receiving a Title 1 Achieving School Recognition from California. The question is whether or not students should be moved from their neighborhood schools. "We welcome any students that walk through our doors, we're happy to have them and we always try to provide the best education possible" explained Stanford Avenue Principle Lori Strieby. Chennell-Carter adds "You could have someone from a neighborhood school move in later and they may not be able to attend their neighborhood school".
According to Oroville Superintendent Penny Chennell-Carter, board members will decide after tonight's meeting whether or not the policy will be revised at all, but feels that the district is within it's legal rights. "I know that it is not in violation to any education code" Chennell-Carter said.
After the meeting, Oroville Board Members told Action News the policy will be revised for the 2011-2012 school year, however those revisions still won't guarantee students will attend their neighborhood school.


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