Oroville residents protest tree removal

Nov 24, 2014 2:10 PM by News Staff

A group of protestors has less than 24-hours to vacate the area where PG&E is set to remove a group of sycamore trees.... after camping out all morning long at the Old Oroville Cemetery in an effort to save the trees.

City officials approved plans for PG&E to remove over 200 trees city-wide back in October. The Old Oroville Cemetery is just one of the approved sites for tree removal where {G&E and Oroville city officials say the tree roots are getting too close to gas transmission lines... which they say is a safety concern but residents say there should be another way around it.

The city is receiving over $34,000 in mitigation from PG&E, which can be used for replanting trees. The tree removal plans were laid out in an October 7 city meeting.


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