Oroville Resident Turns 100

Mar 13, 2013 12:42 PM

100 years of age.. it's a major milestone most people never reach. But in Oroville today, a senior home celebrated just that, with a man who is starting his second century... and there's no slowing him down. Action News reporter Rick Carhart has that story.

nats Happy Birthday

It's hard not to notice when Art DeWalt is in the room.

Executive Director Eric Roderiques says, "he's always the life of the party, the guy's quite the jokester, he's incredibly sharp mentally, he's just a wonderful person."

Born in Pennsylvania in 1913, DeWalt was the only boy in a family with five older sisters.

Art says, "we never had an argument, we always got along well... It was a good family life. My parents were good to me."

DeWalt moved to California in 1933 because jobs were easier to find out west during the Depression. Although he moved away, Art remains close to his family... some coming from as far away as Connecticut.

Art's niece Grace says, "we always enjoyed him, he was a tease, fun, when he came to visit it was always exciting."

A resident of the Pacifica Country Crest Senior Living Home since 2003, Art has been entertaining staff and fellow residents for a decade.

Carolyn, the home's activities director, says, "we just had our dating game show, and he was very colorful with some of the answers and it was typical Art, made everyone in the room blush."

And he makes such a positive impression on everyone he meets that even former employees at the home came back to celebrate with him.

"He really has a warm soul and a kind heart, he's a wonderful, wonderful person... I'll never meet anyone like him, ever again in my lifetime."

Always a man on the move, Art lost his drivers license last year due to a wrong diagnosis from a Doctor, but he didn't sit still for long.

Art says, "the doctor restored my license for another 5 years... So I can drive until I'm 105 years old now."

And the next day he was the proud owner of a brand new Prius.

Art says, "that's what I like to do, my idea of a good time."

In Oroville, I'm Rick Carhart for Action News.

Art says the secret to his long and healthy life is having a close and loving family.


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