Oroville Rescue Mission Fundraiser

Oct 17, 2010 8:21 PM

District Attorney, Mike Ramsey says, "There's a number of broken people in our community and this fills that gap and it's very important for our community and the safety of our community." The Oroville Rescue Mission has been helping the area homeless since 1963. They serve 46,000 meals, house 8,000 people, give out 18,000 food boxes, and 30,000 articles of clothing every year. It's all done by donations.

Republican Senate Candidate Doug LaMalfa, spoke at the organization's fundraiser Friday night. He says this project couldn't happen without the support of the people. "that help make this project here with the rescue mission go. That's much more than you can get from a government bureaucracy."

Which is saying something from a man with a political eye. There is a need to clean up the streets and the oroville rescue mission has taken it into their own hands. Stephen says, "It's just a great time to reach out. We're excited about it, but you see we want more. We want to meet the needs and the needs are the people on the street.

Oroville Rescue Mission Executive Director, Rev. Stephen Terry says, "Women with children need something. They need stability and the kids need stability, and that's what we really want to reach out to." Rev. Terry speaks about the Oroville Rescue Mission's newest project. It's called 'Breaking the Cycle', and that's exactly what they plan to do. With 386 homeless people in Oroville, the project plan is to open a new shelter for women and children. This will put a roof over their heads while opening more space in the existing men's shelter.

ney raised from the dinner will go toward the purchase of the 60 room western motor lodge on bird street. Which will be renovated into the new shelter.


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