Oroville Police Department Needs New 911 System

Mar 16, 2010 7:48 PM

The Oroville Police Department is in need of a new 9-1-1 system. About three weeks ago, two of the three consoles went down. "When we have the system go down, it leaves all the work up to one dispatcher instead of three, so that one dispatcher is bombarded with calls and has to handle by themselves and the others aren't able to assist so it is frustrating," Dispatcher Windy Miller explained.

Officials recommend replacing the equipment every five years, but the department has been using the same system for seven. Interim Chief Perry Reniff says that has to change soon. "This communication center is basically the lifeline between the community needing help and the officers getting out there to give them help."

New hardware will cost a total of three-hundred thousand dollars. About seventy-three thousand of that will be paid for by a grant, the rest will be provided by state funding. "The state of California realized how dire our needs are and they have been so gracias as to put us way ahead in line," Reniff stated.

Reniff says the equipment will make a big difference in public safety. "We will be on the cutting edge of technology, it's a brand new technology and it's my understanding that basically every department in the county is moving toward the same system."

The new 911 equipment will allow dispatchers to more easily locate where the call is being made, when received from a cell phone.

If approved, the hardware will be available in three months. The department is also applying for grants for new software, which will cost another five-hundred thousand dollars.

The proposal is being discussed at Tuesday's seven o'clock city council meeting.


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