Oroville Police & Fire Departments May Be Dissolved

Jul 14, 2014 1:39 AM by Cecile Juliette

Police officers and firefighters in the city of Oroville say they've been blindsided, and they say they don't know what the future holds.

Representatives from both the Oroville Police Officers' Association and the Oroville Firefighters' Association say they found out that their respective departments could be dissolved and services contracted to other agencies by reading the agenda for next Tuesday's City Council meeting.

According to the city of Oroville's agenda, the council will vote whether to have the Director of Public Safety request a proposal for the consolidation of police and fire services with other agencies, like the Butte County Sheriff's Office and Cal Fire.

Jared Cooley, the president of the Oroville Police Officers' Association, says the union plans to fight the move. Says Cooley, "This is a disservice to the public, and I can't imagine the public would stand for this. We've had a department for more than 100 years in this city, and all of a sudden we can't handle our police department? What's changed? I just think if we've made it work for 100 years, we can work together to make it happen. Our tradition, it's our history. I've lived here all my life, and this department is not for sale."

The Oroville City Council meets Tuesday night at City Council Chambers, at 1735 Montgomery Street at 6:00pm. The meeting is open to the public.


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