Oroville PD will soon allow public to view surveillance cameras online

Jun 19, 2014 7:12 PM by Brian Johnson

Soon, anyone with internet access will be able to see what Oroville Police see through their system of street cameras.

They will soon will turn from a closed-circuit TV system to open, allowing the public to live-view their web of cameras located at major intersections and parks around the city.

It will be available in six months to a year on their website.

Oroville Police say the closed-circuit TV was started two years ago as an innovative way to solve crimes, and that this continues with that same line of thinking.

"That provides us with more ears and eyes out there to see what's going on," said Oroville Police Lt. Al Byers. "Although we record everything, we certainly don't view everything, so maybe somebody could bring something to our attention we have missed."

Byers said the long-term plan is to have 50 cameras in place, and said they're about two-thirds of the way to that number.

Meanwhile, the long-term plan for Chico Police is to implement a CCTV system, as Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle pitched the idea to city council Tuesday afternoon.


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