Oroville PD Overwhelmed by Calls

Mar 26, 2013 11:33 AM

The Oroville Police Department was overwhelmed this weekend with well more than a hundred calls in less than 48 hours..and with a limited number of officers. They had a tough time dealing with it all.

Oroville Police say they're stretched pretty thin right now. They only have three officers working on the weekends, and with a new budget cut in the works, things might get even tighter. From Friday morning to Saturday night…Oroville PD handled over one hundred fifty incidents - from felony hit-and-run to a juvenile with a concealed weapon. A total of eight arrests were made.

With a staff of 23, Oroville PD says their resources are stretched thin. But with a new budget cut looming, they could be stretched beyond repair. The city is proposing an 18-percent budget cut to the police department. That translates into the loss of seven officers. which would mean a lot less help on the streets.

Oroville PD receives up to four-thousand calls a month. If this budget cut goes through, the response to those calls would drop dramatically. The budget cut information has been presented to the city and the goal is to have a balanced budget by June of this year.


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