Oroville Neighborhood Watch

Jul 22, 2011 7:13 PM

"We've just been noticing some questionable criminal activity in our neighborhood.." So, this Oroville mom of two, decided to take matters into her own hands. After three vehicles in her neighborhood, including her own, were broken into in the last two weeks.. She knew something needed to be done.. "Once we started telling people about the vehicle break-in's in our area, because we wanted others to know, everybody had something to add with their own story.."

Several neighbors reported seeing a couple walking around that they say looked out of place. Others mentioned things like a pile of business cards found in an empty lot. One resident even admitted they found their side gate open after returning home from work. All things that these neighbors say are red flags.. Indicating the need for a neighborhood watch. "We feel the communication is important and the support of the police and the city is important.."

Oroville police agree. Stating that having groups work together along side police, will only double the chances of catching these criminals. "It has a partnership between the community and the police department. We actually get better, more accurate details of the crime occurring."

Sergeant Bruschi recommends other neighborhoods follow suit. There are even websites that will guide you step by step. So that neighborhood safety can be the number one priority. "They can't be everywhere and sometimes you have to take your safety into your own hands.."


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