Oroville mother warns parents of hoverboard dangers

Jan 5, 2016 8:25 AM by News Team

On social media one Oroville mom is trying to raise awareness for the dangers of hoverboards.

Kisha Loomis posted on Facebook she bought her son a self-balancing scooter for New Year’s Eve. He was able to ride it a few times before putting it on the charger. According to Loomis, within minutes she heard an explosion.

When she looked in her room it was in flames, the “hover board blew up.”

Loomis wrote that she is thankful they were able to get the fire out and no one was hurt.

Action News Now does not know the brand or which retailer Loomis purchased the hoverboard from.

Butte County Fire does not have a report of the incident, they believe Loomis did not report it to fire authorities.

Fire crews across the U.S. advice people to let the boards cool down before charging it and to not leave it unattended.

There have been at least 22 other hoverboard fires reported in the nation.

Amazon reports it’s taking most hoverboards from its online store. The online retailer is suspending sales until manufactures give proper documentation that their hover boards meet safety requirements.


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