Oroville mayor asks PG&E to postpone tree removals

Dec 3, 2014 3:59 PM by News Staff

Oroville Mayor Linda Dahlmeir asked PG&E officials to hold off on removing more than 200 trees until questions posed by a group opposing the removal can be asked.

The request was made at Tuesday night's city council meeting, and it was decided that the tree removal will be put on hold until at least December 16. At the next council meeting the group, of around 20 citizens protesting the removal, will be able to have their questions answered by PG&E representatives.

In October city officials approved plans for PG&E to remove over 200 trees city-wide. Last week protesters camped out against the removal at the Old Oroville Cemetery, which is one of the sites approved for the tree removal.

PG&E and city officials say the removal is necessary because tree roots are getting too close to gas transmission, creating a safety concern.

The city is receiving over $34,000 in mitigation from PG&E, which can be used for replanting trees.


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