Oroville Man Arrested in Home Invasion Robbery

May 9, 2013 7:22 PM

Butte County Sheriff's Deputies are praising a quick-thinking citizen for helping them catch a man suspected in at least two recent home invasion robberies in Oroville.

What started out as a quiet Wednesday afternoon at this Oroville home quickly transpired into something unthinkable for the resident inside.

"I was at the gym and my daughter called me and she said there was somebody who had knocked on the door three times, she didn't answer because she didn't know who he was, so she sat back down on the couch for a second or two and the next thing you know she heard him kick in in the backdoor, so she ran into her back bathroom, locked herself in and dialed 911," said Tim Kuntz.

Tim's 21-year-old daughter declined to speak on camera, but Tim told Action News the details of the home invasion.

He says the suspect rummaged through the house and managed to make off with a couple items.

"He took a costume jewelry ring that my daughter got at Walmart for $10 and a jar full of quarters," said Kuntz.

But the suspect, 51-year-old Oroville resident Dean Stuart, wasn't able to get far before deputies arrived.

"Patrol responded within just a few minutes, upon their arrival, the suspect fled, patrol set up a perimeter and ultimately found the suspect on 12th Street just right around the corner. He was just trying to get away, he was allegedly throwing punches and kicks at the Deputies before he was taken into custody," said Detective Ryan Gsell.

The suspect was arrested on several charges and booked into the Butte County jail. Deputies told Action News the suspect was also on parole and this wasn't the first time he allegedly robbed a house.

"This person matched a description from an April 28th similar burglary that particular case the homeowners came home and the suspect held them at gunpoint and continued to rob them. We do know for sure two at this point, we're still looking at the possibilities that he's involved in some of our other cases," said Gsell.

Detective Ryan Gsell says Tim's daughter deserves credit for keeping her cool and notifying authorities.

"She did an awesome job, a very good job," said Gsell.

"I'm really proud about how she handled herself and the whole situation," said Kuntz.


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