Oroville Fire Dept. Protests Layoffs

Jun 15, 2013 5:58 PM

Things are heating up for the Oroville Fire Department.

Because of instead of fighting fires, crews are fighting for their jobs.

“It’s very upsetting,” Oroville Firefighter's Association President Aaron Copeland said. “These people are servants to the city; and they’re our friends; and they’re our brothers; and we need them.”

Two dozen people protested fire department layoffs on the corner of Oroville Dam Blvd. and Olive Highway Saturday morning. Proposed budget cuts would bring an already understaffed department of 13 firefighters down to 10.

Skip George is an Oroville firefighter who is facing a layoff. He said losing firefighters would create many challenges for Oroville.

“If you have a fire we’re going to be understaffed,” he said. “We’re not going to be able to respond to calls and fight the fires or heart attacks.”


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