Oroville council to look into police and fire options

Jul 16, 2014 1:12 AM by Jason Atcho

The city of Oroville has decided to look into other options for their police and fire services. Like most cities, the budget is stretched thin and now the city is looking into other ways to possibly save money. At Tuesday night's meeting, the city council voted unanimously to looking into the costs of out sourcing police and fire. One of the options would be to hand over police responsibilities to the Butte County Sheriff's Office and fire responsibilities to Cal Fire.

Many residents showed up to voice their concern with this plan saying it'll lengthen response times. They also said those agencies won't have the same relationship with the community. Both sides agree this is a tough decision to look into. "I believe that the public showed up in support of us today and if you watched the meeting and what the results were, so that speaks for itself right there," explained Skip George, President of the Oroville Firefighters' Association. Chief Bill LaGrone said "I'm not the least bit happy about having a discussion about my departments and potentially contracting out their services but I am encouraged that we do have the courage to at least look at alternatives and make a plan before it's too late."

Another possibility being thrown around would be to have a minor sales tax increase to bring in more revenue for police and fire. Again, the council agreed to look at costs for other options however no decisions were made. In fact, the city plans to hold public forums to keep the citizens in the loop. Any decision would be brought forward to the public but that won't be until a couple of years down the road.


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